Every minute of every day
Each life
In the interpretation of their own future
Good deeds, good fruits
The line will bear the evil consequences
The wise man said:
There is two people:
Fame; an evaluation Lee
We said:
There is a third individual:
Seeking net

Of our fame and fortune
Of course, more for a word "net"
Enterprises seeking "purity of heart" is the heart good product
The bearer operators kindness users assured
Exchange for an honest regrets a reputation heritage we understand
The good life requires more solid and durable product
Good life requires more nice products
Better life needs more reasonable price

Our permanent constant quality products!
Strive to the aesthetics of the column is still beauty!
The leading listed first step!
The strength of the list of potential stronger!

This brand famous overseas in China just a latecomer -

Thank Kam reading

Han Ichiro Engineering (China) Electric Co., Ltd.

Long work support permanently a better life for you

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  Zhongshan Han Yilang electrical workers limited co
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Gezer T6 ceiling lamps,
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